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We Will Take You By The Hand To Show You The Paint By Numbers Treatment Methods - Absolutely Free!

* very limited seating - only 100 spots for each webinar we do... *

Only 100 Spots

Very limited webinar...

Dr. Mark Rosenberg

FOUNDER The Healthy Living Group

Brian Johnson

Co-founder The Healthy Living Group
Practice Growth Expert
"Mark Rosenberg, MD is an innovator with really original ideas on how to combat this disease. It is because of rare individuals such as Dr. Rosenberg that progress is finally being made and that the long struggle against cancer may ultimately be won.”    —Ralph W. Moss, PhD
What You Will Learn On This Free Webinar:
These are my greatest, universal high-performance, updated, con-temporized, and highly-expanded strategies – modified for today’s fast-paced, short attention medical world.

There are a multitude of strategies involved– each broken down into a crash-course, “Monster Knowledge Transference”  – filled with pure, non-theoretical case studies or example/illustration-based, current applications.

I’m doing this ONE-TIME-ONLY – with a maximum of 75 “students” for this Cram Course.

And, I’m doing it for three purposes:

 1)    An enormous number of current subscribers have never fully been (or were ONLY recently) exposed to me and my mindset, methodologies, philosophies, and ideals – much of my most important (and powerful) foundational and enduring methodology doesn’t get discussed any more.

2)    Since the last time I openly shared my foundational concepts, my thinking and depth of application (and implementation instruction) on each of these powerhouse (and universally usable) Cancer management Strategy Sets has been vastly and stunningly expanded, evolved, and totally transcended what I originally taught, back when I had a far more limited frame of reference.

Keep in mind, in the last few years, I’ve doubled, redoubled, and probably redoubled again my understanding of what (and how much) is still possible using hybrid, redesigned, upgraded, super-charged versions/combinations of these Strategy Sets.

3)    I need to produce a set of newly recorded audio tracks replete with 21st Century explanations of these foundational Cancer Management Strategy Sets, to use as grounding resources for my private patients and elite private VIP ACCEP program participants alike, that I’m serving every week.
You see, I’m eager to get my far more, highly-evolved, current thinking on each of these different Strategy Sets out of the catacombs of MY mind, out of MY mouth, and – into YOUR ears and head.
Ergo, I’m offering this ONE-TIME-ONLY, and teaching a cluster of the  most important cluster of Strategy Sets.
Why This Program is Essential to Your Practice and Your Future?
Gain actionable insights into the science behind the methods and techniques that Dr Mark Rosenberg, his team and his colleagues are using now to see improvements in the quality and quantity of life of their patients.

Take a deep look into the tests implemented by Dr. Rosenberg, his team and his research partners, and the results they saw. Along with how you can implement each treatment or regimen in your practice immediately, and expect the same results.

Receive details on future research, tests and the ongoing results as Dr. Rosenberg and his team evolve the processes involved in each area of cancer management focus, in a simple, straight-forward manner, making it easy for you to apply findings to your patients' health.

Work on your practice and not just in it. Build your practice as you hear from outside experts on topics ranging from marketing to staffing to how to run a cash practice. Implement effective marketing. Best ways to hire and finding “A” players. Knowing your numbers. Leadership skills. Theory of constraints. Building practice goals and implementing actionable business plans. And much more

As a Doctor, how to achieve the highest quality of life while healing more people.
What makes this online program so unique is…
What makes this online program so unique is… you'll see the many different approaches, combinations, treatments and practical application that no one else is using, except for a handful of Dr Mark's closest colleagues. Which means you'll be on the cutting-edge of Adaptive Cancer Care, with Dr. Rosenberg and his Team and colleagues, all in an online and phone-based training environment. So you can use and adapt Dr. Rosenberg's secrets to your own practice and patients from the comfort of your own office, no matter where you are in the US.
And YES… Dr. Rosenberg's methods are complementary with your usual standard of care regimens and procedures.
Suppose This Happened To You…
You’re surrounded by some of the smartest people in the practice, you have access to all the videos, research, calls, checklists, and people that have most of the answers you need. You are taking luxury travel trips and masterminding with like-minded people to some exotic places on earth while your office team is being trained for you on how to market your practice effectively and build a great practice. You have periodic calls directly with Dr. Rosenberg to discuss any questions you have or review patient questions you have. You have metrics and clear plans for the future of your practice. You’re on monthly webinars with the industry experts keeping you fully up to date on the latest research and results. You and your team come to live events with Dr. Rosenberg and his team of business building experts.

Imagine that… And that is just the tip of the iceberg. What would that mean for your practice, your patients and your own quality of life and income? It is certainly life changing for you and the people around you. What’s that worth? Well… just one weekend with Dr. Rosenberg in his private preceptorship is $17,000 and it does not even cove most of above.
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