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Let Dr. Mark Rosenberg, renowned integrative doctor, cancer scientist, and expert in antiaging medicine, ask you...
What if you knew as much as your doctor about dealing with cancer?
It would be a game-changer,  helping you live your life in spite of your condition.

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"Mark Rosenberg, MD is an innovator with really original ideas on how to combat this disease. It is because of rare individuals such as Dr. Rosenberg that progress is finally being made and that the long struggle against cancer may ultimately be won.” —Ralph W. Moss, PhD

You see, the best path to treating a patient does not always lie in just the standard of care, but in understanding the tests which can provide the best insights for each individual, then creating a tailored plan that utilizes multiple modalities to treat each individuals’ cancer.
Cancer is a very personal disease.  What we know about cancer and how to fight it and provide the best options for our patients is continually being supplemented or challenged by new and exciting studies. 

Information about cancer treatment is evolving rapidly; Immunotherapy, low dose metronomic chemotherapy, off-label use of medicines, IV Vit C, hyperthermia, nutraceuticals - the list of topics for doctors (and patients alike) to stay on the cutting edge goes on and on.

How do health care professionals stay on top of the ever-changing research and stay informed for their patients?

With the Adaptive Cancer Care Essentials Program (ACCEP) Dr. Mark Rosenberg created to serve the medical community.

When you Join Dr. Mark Rosenberg’s ACCEP program (FOR FREE), you get:

Real-time updates on exciting and relevant research.

Monthly "Healthy Living Group" Magazine online, sharing the latest research, and more importantly, what these studies mean for you.

Here’s what some of our ACCEP Members have to say:

"Dr. Rosenberg provides great clinical insight into the newest integrative approaches to treating cancer patients. Through the ACCEP program, I feel better prepared to treat these patients, knowing that we are truly giving them the best chance at success in their health journey."
- Akiba Green, DC, ABAAHP, FIC
"ACCEP has been a very wonderful addition to my ongoing commitment to learning the most cutting edge advances in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine. Dr. Rosenberg is an amazing physician, scientist, mentor, inventor, visionary and human being. This program offers actionable insights into the science behind the methods and techniques that Dr.Rosenberg and his colleagues are using to see improvements in the quality and quantity of life of their cancer patients. I highly recommend being a member of this one-of-a-kind program." Ana Casas M.D.
This program will change the way you think about addressing cancer.

It will inspire and challenge you to take action.

It will give you the clarity you need to make major advancements in your thinking and health.

Benefits from the program also include...
  • - Member platform you can access from any web-enabled device,  anytime.
  • - HLG Vault loaded with documents, charts and reference materials.
  • - Live, online  webinar education events.
  • - Live optional health conferences.
  • - Information categorized for you needs.
  • - Weekly Topic audios on healthy living.
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